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Properties The inherent flame resistance is imparted at the molecular level during
manufacture of the polyester fiber and will not wash or wear out. Certified FR SPECTRUM meets or exceeds the following FR test standards :-

  • NFPA 701-1999 (USA)
  • BS 5867 & BS 5852 (UK)
  • M 1 (France)
  • B 1 & B2 (Germany)
  • IMOA-471 (Marine)
    and most other standards worldwide

Characteristics Good dimensional stability, excellent color fastness, excellent strength, durability and desirable hand.

FR SPECTRUM fabrics exhibit the same properties as regular polyyester but with the added benefit
of flame resistance. FR SPECTRUM fabrics can be dyed and heat transfer printed with no impact on FR performance.

Cleaning FR SPECTRUM fabrics can be washed and dry cleaned. By properly following our guidelines, stains can be treated without affecting the flame resistance.

FR SPECTRUM fabrics have a longer lifetime than topically treated competitors.

Certification Inherent flame retardant yams and fabrics produced by the Alpha Group of Companies in Thailand are sold with the brand FR SPECTRUM which is a registered trademark.

How it works The flame resistant fiber is produced using a modified polyester polymer, which incorporates a proprietary FR additive into the molecular chain. This results in a lower melting point that makes it difficult for combustion to occur, as the fiber/ fabric shrinks away from the flame and melts. The phosphorus component prevents melting drips from occurring and prevents further burning by self extinguishing. The FR polymer contains no brominated compounds.


  • HOSPITALITY Draperies, Bedcovers and Upholstery
  • HEALTH CARE Cubicle Curtains, Draperies, Upholstery and Bedding
  • CRUISE Draperies, Bedcovers and Upholstery
  • GOVERNMENT College Dormitories, Courtrooms, Prison & Military end uses
  • PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION Buses, Trains and Airplanes
  • INDUSTRIAL Applications where flame resistance is important in acoustic, thermal insulation or filtration media




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