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"A truly vertically integrated operation, process monitoring is centralized ensuring maximum efficiency, quality and service. "


Alpha Spinning was established in 1988 in response to a need for special yarns to fulfill customer requirements for increasingly complex and elaborate fabrics. Alpha Spinning's facilities are designed to handle a complete spectrum of fibers from the coarsest of linens to the finest synthetics.

Alpha Spinning is ISO-9001, ISO-14001, TS-16949, Okeo-Tex 100 certified. Yarn types/counts produced fall within the quality ratings for spinners ranking in the top 5% of the world (based on Uster's published quality studies).

Alpha Spinning is equipped with machinery from leading manufacturers such as Schlaforst, Reiter, Murata, Lakshmi Reiter, Volkman, Inglostadt and Barmag. Lab equipment is from Uster.

Yarn is spun from various fibers including regular polyester, flame retardant polyester, viscose rayon, cotton, linen, polynosic, Modal and their blends in both regular and in different slub variations. The texturizing division processes both nylons and polyesters and the yarn twisting department handles spun, filament and spun-filament combination yarns.

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